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visible.digital's missions for an immediate return on investment

1 - Supply chain optimization

2 - Guarantee of product integrity

3 - Increased visibility from farm to fork

Our collaborative approach from diagnosis to continuous improvement

The savings and continuous improvement that we generate are not only due to the simple use of dedicated software but also to the support and expertise associated throughout our collaboration.

The travel tracking solution for refrigerated transport.
limitless is your collaborative platform that allows you to retrieve useful data from different systems and to put them in context for each of your activities.

To understand the principle of operation, limitless is subdivided into 4 sub-modules.

  • infinite : ingestion of all processes and data
  • seamless : shared management of its activities in real time
  • lucy : analytical and business intelligence
  • hubble : visibility, continuous improvement and shared gains

Our support offers


Framing of the project

Technical support

Distance learning


Yellow +

Weekly accompaniment

(3 months)

Biannual steering committee


Orange +

On-site training visible.truck

Quarterly steering committee


Green +

Monthly steering committee

Weekly accompaniment

(10 days)

infinite is really the essential module because on it depend :

  • The automation of the ingestion of the data coming from the different management systems
  • Data reliability
  • Confidentiality, protection and security of collected data
  • Reliability of the exchange platform

Our support offer

Coaching & training

Configuration of the web instance with your data

WEB user training

Pairing your means of transport

Tutorial videos

Accompaniment and personalized follow-up


During the deployment phases at our customers’ sites, we use our “visible.truck”, a training truck that accompanies our consultants on every trip to the site.
We combine business with pleasure by offering coffee and a presentation of our tool.

The visible.truck, which is already present near the PACA region but also more recently near the Belgian borders, travels the roads of France to meet new players.

We hope to see you on board very soon in order to accompany you in the use of your next tool, visible.digital.

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