Your own control tower

Creates returns at all levels


Module Impact
Safety instruction digitization People safety around platforms and shops
Product security Track products origin and composition to protect people

Immediate ROI

Module Impact
Process control and measure Wasted times and loading time reduction, pallets management
Trip predictions (cost and duration) Forecast and customer satisfaction improvement
Billing check versus reality Trip cost reduction, FP&A optimization
Vehicle degradation and theft management Clear responsibility, cost reduction
Real-time communication between actors Site flow improvement, customer service charge reduction at all levels
Temperature digitization Food loss and waste reduction

Operational efficiency

Module Impact
Product traceability High value for all players including end consumers, extend product life
Business intelligence Continuous improvement based on objective data, actors relationships rebalanced
Development budget Control Tower Integration of all values into a single ecosystem

Business intelligence at all levels

Challenge your beliefs and learn from the reality. Understand patterns and plan better. Unlock continuous and measured improvement at all stages thanks to objective and factual data.