It’s not what you look at that matters,

it’s what you see.

The value chain issue

Many companies struggle to effectively and efficiently manage their value chain, especially the transportation and storage of goods from Producers to Consumers. It results in significant wastes in resources (time, money, people, energy) and products.

Together we can

We bring together people, organizations and information to enable a new level of fair and unprecedented relationships, that benefits everyone involved.

Build trust

We improve business processes through auditable monitoring and implementation of smart contracts, building trust for all players across the value chain while retaining full ownership of their own data.

Increase safety

Participants usually only care about their own safety, yet respecting each other is a civil attitude. We digitize, make accesible and monitor safety processes to help prevent incidents and fatalities.

Connect the dots

Tap into the wealth of data generated by your partners, suppliers and customers and combine it with your own systems to strengthen you process and create new actionable KPIs.

Extend your reach with our open platform to deliver more insights and value.

Think different

Stop reacting, start acting! offers a breakthrough platform, based on selected best-of-breed technologies, to proactively care about operational performance, people safety and product integrity with immediate returns on investment and value creation.

Your own control tower

Creates returns at all levels


Module Impact
Safety instruction digitization People safety around platforms and shops
Product security Track products origin and composition to protect people

Immediate ROI

Module Impact
Process control and measure Wasted times and loading time reduction, pallets management
Trip predictions (cost and duration) Forecast and customer satisfaction improvement
Billing check versus reality Trip cost reduction, FP&A optimization
Vehicle degradation and theft management Clear responsibility, cost reduction
Real-time communication between actors Site flow improvement, customer service charge reduction at all levels
Temperature digitization Food loss and waste reduction

Operational efficiency

Module Impact
Product traceability High value for all players including end consumers, extend product life
Business intelligence Continuous improvement based on objective data, actors relationships rebalanced
Development budget Control Tower Integration of all values into a single ecosystem

Business intelligence at all levels

Challenge your beliefs and learn from the reality. Understand patterns and plan better. Unlock continuous and measured improvement at all stages thanks to objective and factual data.


Creates returns at all levels

Our solutions use state of the art containerized cloud architecture and blockchain technology with the highest level of security. We integrate data from existing IT systems including leading TMS, WMS and telematics solutions, allowing tracking of goods and development of secure and auditable business processes using industry-leading Business Intelligence and Big Data engines. Furthermore, all communications are bi-directional and real-time.

Partner ecosystem

For a shared value co-creation


The trusted eye of visibility

Rebalancing our world together

At, our actions aim at rebalancing our world that is being damaged due to inconsistent human initiatives and priorities alignment.

We challenge orthodoxies across value streams to nurture purpose because we value meaning over figures. We connect the dots and bring people, organizations and assets together to enable a new level of fair and unprecedented relationships, that benefit all.

To eliminate wastes and losses, we deliver increased operational effectiveness benefitting everyone that embarks onto this mission, and we allow all players to work efficiently together, leveraging their expertise to serve the common good.

We are agnostic to status quo, technologies, hierarchies and ideologies. Yet we’re standing on the shoulder of giants to elevate all of us.

With automated and prescriptive interactions, this new ecosystem allows to make educated decisions, align priorities, and be eventually in control of every single process. This is about effectiveness and doing the right things.

We generate tangible returns at all levels, thanks to our solutions that are simple, agile, actionable, and affordable. Together with our customers, we co-create a virtuous chain of trust with all actors, with long term objectives, real partnerships and a continuous improvement mindset.

By leveraging this open and innovative approach, our vision is to be the trusted eye of visibility.

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